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Our Fleet of Boats

Optimist (Opti)

The Optimist is intended for the beginner as it is a simple, sturdy and stable dinghy designed for youth. The design of the Opti allows for safe operation by an 8 year old but it is also technical enough for teenagers to use to compete.


The Nutshell is a multi-person dinghy, perfect for learning the basics of sailing. Our fleet of Nutshells ensures that every student has a safe, fun, and memorable sailing experience.

Club 420

The club 420 is a light and fast two-person dinghy with trapeze and spinnaker. The Club 420 is a high performance training dinghy, used to prepare sailors for the Olympic class 470. Club 420s are of the most raced dingy classes throughout North America and offer a terrific chance for sailors to both learn, and perfect their advanced sailing skills.


The most popular dinghy used for racing is the Laser. Depending upon the size and experience of the sailor, the Laser can be sailed with three different rig sizes (4.7, Radial and Standard). The three different rigs differ by the sail area and mast size allowing for sailing in all wind conditions and control by sailors of all different sizes. The adults and youth of BQYC have had many great experiences and thrills racing the Lasers.